Marquise Diamond in the Rough.. move over Mass Manufacturer....

My name is Marquise. Pronounced "Mar- keys ". Now that we have that cleared up, I will skip the usual stuff you have already read under someone else's name; >It goes something like: "I've always made art since I was a child and now I have a chance to make it lucrative in some manner..." Well I cannot tell a lie...that pretty much sums it up.
I do not make things to sit and gather dust; rather, I create so that the particular item I am creating can make someone's life that much more warm and beautiful and that's why I try my best to keep prices far lower than they should be because I believe in making jewelry to be worn not to be stored waiting for a home.
I was named after what is one of God's most magnificent creations. Not only was I named after a diamond I was named after a particular cut and facet of a diamond...hence the Marquise cut diamond. It is an art to cut gemstones and the Marquise cut is one of many, many facets...so many that it makes the diamond shinier than other facets. I never appreciated my name until I became older and started to really understand what it meant to be named after a Marquise diamond and without realizing it I began to pick up certain similar characteristics that I incorporate into my lifelong passion of creating art in all different forms. For the last 5 years jewelry has been my media of choice.
Much like a diamond I create pieces that are built to last and last for years and years to come. The diamond is known as the strongest most resilient shiny rock found in the Earth. The diamond is also the most sought after for centuries now which is why I strive to make my creations stand out stirring up admiration and envy towards the person wearing it. The diamond is also very unique and each one has character unlike the last encouraging me to design pieces that have character that is unlike any other and designs that are unique and special in every way never to be created more than once so that you know you are the only one on the planet that owns a pendant or pair of earrings or whatever you happen to be drawn to here at MarquiseJewelry.
To those who contribute to this shop you help manifest my dreams into reality and my dream is to stir up confidence in the people who wear my designs and make them feel special and really shine and stand out. I know that feeling and I know how rare it is....much like a diamond and each and every order brings me joy beyond words to know that I get to really make someone happy. Just know your contribution is simply paying it forward in the way of making more people feel beautiful and loved and most importantly loving themselves through the energy that emanates from my heart to my hands and through materials which create stunning gift that end up in the mailbox to new hands... to smile....and brava love walks its mile. No facts and figures just hearts, tools and fingers. Knowing that I have a part in making people's days makes my life worth living and I hope to teach whomever I can to do the same.
Have a blessed day and find a way to make someone smile...the value is priceless...
My favorite thing to do? Random acts of kindness....at least one a day keeps the bad vibes away. Peace.

P.S. Check out the sold items...there you will find designs I can twist and mold to be sold to you in another stone and another hue..to create your own creation designed just for you....gives you ideas for custom orders if you would like. They take less than half a week to get in the mail to you because I immediately create the custom item to immediately get in the mail to you.

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